For Pharmacies

Designed to be easy to onboard customers and offering powerful, real time reports Remedi Repeats will help to reduce telephone & walk-in orders.

For your customers

By putting repeat prescription management into the hands of your customers you will free up valuable time, allowing you to focus on your more vulnerable customers, improve communication and improve your repeat prescription management efficiency.

For Integrations

We've built the platform that powers Remedi Repeats to allow integrations easily and securely with your existing pharmacy management software. We're open to integration, as long as the vendors meet our strict security standards.

Secure & high availability

We have built our platform using the latest cloud technologies, to give you the peace of mind that your data is secure and less likely to suffer outages compared to a tradtional hosted software platform.

Multiple cloud vendors

Our platform design utilises multiple major cloud vendors. We have diverse authentication, storage and infrastructure allowing us to mitigate risk & provide a secure, scalable and geographically redundant platform.

Modern, easy to use interface

Remedi's management portal is built to a modern look and feel. Our portal screens are context aware, and present you with the data you use most to complete your repeat prescription management tasks.

Your data

We know data security is at the heart of modern pharmaceutical requirements, which is why we your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We backup your data multiple times during the working day for additional peace of mind.

Built with a pharmacy

We didn't want to be another company that built a platform that wasn't tailored to the pharmaceutical industries needs, which is why we co-developed Remedi alongside an independant pharamcy.

We listen

We understand the frustrations around software that doesn't do exactly what you want. We have built our platform to allow rapid changes. We're not faceless, so if you're not happy with how something works let us know - we love feedback!

One simple price, no hidden fees

We do not like being charged admin, setup, onboarding or any sort of additional fees.

So, we do not charge them.

Remedi Repeats
per month, plus VAT
  • Unlimited users
  • Multiple daily backups
  • Rolling monthly agreement